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Color Your Life with Love offers books, classes, and workshops based on the life changing teachings of the 7 spiritual gifts as given to Joseph Crane from Archangel Michael. This teaching states that every person is a embodies one of the seven spiritual natures that are gifts to use in service to God’s children. They each possess a foundation to stand upon to speak of God’s love with authority. These  gifts are given church names from the book of Revelation in the Bible, and are also referenced as the seven colors of the rainbow –  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Violet.

It was said that scriptures could only be understood by the most righteous of God’s children and all others were unworthy, trusting not your brothers and sisters to find their own way to God… I will speak of the churches for what they are so you will see the truth in what is said. A church is a gift from God to mankind to be used to help you through your time on earth.”
Archangel Michael


Michael proceeded to give Joe a short description of each Church to use to teach others to find out what Church they are. The descriptions are only a few sentences in length, leaving ample room for your own journey of self discovery through meditation and contemplation.

Heidi Shelton-Oliver has spent over 10 years studying these gifts and interviewing people to understand at a deep level what motivates people with these different spiritual identities and what we can learn and receive from each other. She says, “Once you learn about this teaching, you will never forget it. You will see the true divine nature in yourself and others and you will be forever changed for the better.”

Benefits of understanding the 7 Color Divinities:

  • You learn to judge others less and honor them more
  • You learn to see through people’s behaviors and understand their true motivations
  • You will appreciate yourself more as you realize that you are truly gifted in an area that others are not
  • You will appreciate others more as you realize that they are truly gifted in areas that you are not
  • All of your relationships will be improved as you learn to live and work together in harmony

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