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The Money Game

Posted on: May 7, 2012

Lately I find myself thinking a lot about economics while I work in my garden and I feel a bit like Chance the Gardner from the movie “Being There.” In that film, a simple minded gardner is mistakenly believed to be an eccentric millionaire who explains economics with garden metaphors.

Looking to nature and its cycles of life for wisdom is as old as time itself, so I am not discovering anything new in that regard. But what I think is a bit unique is how I am seeing the how the different Colors offer wisdom in economics. This week I would like to talk about Oranges and their relationship with money, but bear with me while I diverge for a moment.

Yesterday I thought for the hundredth time that I need to finish cleaning out my garage so that I can get a car in it. “Spring Cleaning” is the phrase that quickly came to my mind, and I had been doing a pretty good job of that a few months ago. Then I realized that I had been cleaning out closets and working on the garage in the Winter, not the Spring. When Spring arrived, I stopped cleaning because I was spending all of my time enjoying the nice weather, watching the plants grow, and looking for baby birds.

Then I realized that is what nature does, too. It completely ex-foliates itself in the Fall and Winter, so when Spring comes, there is a cleared path for new growth to occur. Then I realized that I was not experiencing the fulfilment of my desire for a car to get into my garage because I had not finished e-xfoliating yet. So I realized that there is a Natural Law to be understood here –

We CANNOT experience growth, newness, or the fulfilment of our desires until we get rid of the old stuff.

I see a lot of us having troubles in our lives, especially financially, because we have not completely ex-foliated our thoughts, feelings, and things. Why? Because most of us are Hoarders. We like to get something and hold onto it for dear life. We have a thought then make it into a hard and fast belief. We have a feeling and make it into an eternal truth. We observe something that has happened to us once and re-create it over and over again into our future. We forget that everything is meant to be passing through for a season, and that nothing is forever.

If you are having trouble letting go of stuff, may I suggest that you find an Orange and hang out with him or her closely for a week? You will witness true mastery in the art of letting go and attaining the fulfillment of your desires. Which leads me to something I will refer to as a “Color Law”

When an Orange is living in his/her giftedness, NOTHING STICKS!

Oranges see what they want and go get it. They joyfully pick and nourish themselves with the fruits of life . They know they have the Divine Right to experience the fulfilment of their desires. There is no guilt and no judgement of themselves as selfish or greedy. And they see no obstacles in their way.

That is why the Oranges seem to be the luckiest people on the planet and that everything they touch turns to gold. They have a natural ability to not let anything stick. They use whatever thought, feeling, or action that works in that moment to get what they want. If that thought, feeling, or action doesn’t work in the next moment, they change it. They do not allow anything to harden and become a barrier to freedom and fulfilment.

For myself, I tend to make lots of rules. I have thoughts and beliefs that took a long time to acquire and take a long time to change. I see things that are in my way and view them as HUGE obstacles because I don’t think it can change and I don’t think I should change the rule to get what I want. I literally forfeit receiving what I want in favor of keeping a rule I have made up in my mind.

Not Oranges. Oranges break rules. Let me clarify that.  They say that the rules don’t apply to them. (Read more on page 66 of my book)

I have found this to be completely annoying, fascinating, and VERY WISE all at the same time. Oranges intuitively understand that rules are simply a game that a person has decided to play. They look blankly at others playing by the rules who tell them they can’t have what they want because there are rules against that.  Oranges literally cannot comprehend why anyone would purposely create barriers to fulfilment and happiness.

And so I am really asking myself that question…. Why do I create those barriers? Are all of these ideas I have about appropriate thoughts, feelings, and actions serving me or imprisoning me? My instinct tells me that if I am not getting something I want, then I must let something go first.

And so I will declare a third law because I am a Red, and I am compelled to make a rule even when I am trying to let go of one!

GENEROSITY is the art of letting go.

Oranges are the most generous with themselves, their time, and their resources than any of the other Colors. Many people look at Oranges getting everything they want and see them as selfish. But what makes them wealthy is that they are very generous, and that is the opposite of selfish. They are in the flow of money coming and going. They don’t hold onto it. When I think of how Oranges operate in relationship with money, I see an image of them laughing and playing in the middle of a big pile of money on the floor. 

I think that is a helpful image for all of us. We take money way too seriously.  Try to see yourself playing and laughing with it and see what happens. There is an enormous pile of money in the world that just circulates and circulates through the hands of billions of people. A single dollar circulating very quickly can make everyone into millionaires. The key is to keep it moving. Get excited about receiving it and get excited about giving it.

All we need to do is join the game. Remember that it is just a game and games are meant to be fun.


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i love it! Quinn is an orange….maybe tangerine now. love you!

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