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Building on a Spiritual Foundation

Posted on: January 7, 2013

Part 1 of 4

2013 is finally upon us and once again we have the opportunity to begin anew. I don’t know about you, but 2012 was very challenging – a year of complete stagnation. Many times it felt like I got in my car raring to go, but could not get the gears out of neutral. No matter how much I pressed on the accelerator, no forward motion ever happened. It was frustrating to no longer be able to “make” things happen in a way that I had been accustomed to doing my entire life.

I intuitively knew that the way things worked for us in the past had come to an end and that a new foundation was being set. A foundation where our consciousness will be anchored in the spiritual realm first, and the physical realm second. This new foundation has been taking hold quietly and subtly, and is gaining power with each passing day.

How will this new foundation be different from what we are used to? Let’s take a quick look at one dictionary definition of the word Spirit. It is the principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul.

I believe we have been operating our lives and our vehicles mostly on an unconscious level until now – “sleepdriving” if you will, which resulted in a continual succession of wrecks. People running into each other, literally and figuratively, stunned at the outcome, not knowing they had their hands on the steering wheel and their feet on the pedals the entire time. The cars were doing the driving, not the people in them.

For eons, we have been driven by circumstances. Living for outcomes and in a cycle of reacting to those outcomes. We gave our power to all things that were outside of ourselves, unwittingly making ourselves victims to the very world we unknowingly created.


The good news is that era has run out of gas and people are waking up and realizing they have control over their cars and their lives. We are transitioning from a society of “Asleep at the Wheel” to “Awake at the Wheel.” Think about that for just a few seconds and you will quickly realize that our world is about to change dramatically and very quickly.

We have just woken up, and are still a bit groggy from our long slumber. We are not yet familiar with our newly found powers and abilities. One tool that will help us find our way is by gaining true understanding of the 7 ColorDivinities. Each of us is born with an inherent spiritual gift that operates from the heart. As we discover that gift in ourselves and in others, we will function within our world more lovingly and our interactions with others will be more joyful.


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