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What if Everything Came Without a Price?

Posted on: August 1, 2013


What do you feel when you read that word?
Depressed? Excited? Angry? Happy? Nervous? Unworthy? Lackful?

How many decisions do we make in our daily lives based FIRST on how much money that thing will cost us? I have been noticing that EVERY decision I have been making for my entire life has been based on money first and most of the time I decided to not do something or have something because I decided it cost too much.


How has that affected my life?
It has limited my experiences and has limited my joy.

So what if Everything in life was FREE and was given to us? How would that look and feel? What if you walked into the grocery store and everything was there for the taking? How would you feel and what would you do?

When I imagine that scenario, I am surprised at what it feels like. I don’t see myself or others rushing frantically to grab everything in sight as fast as we can before anyone else gets all the goodies. Instead, I see myself as very calm and relaxed, moving through the store with more deliberation; being more thoughtful of what I really want. I see myself making better, healthier choices and actually putting FEWER things in my shopping cart. Isn’t that interesting?

I had a similar experience years ago when my husband and I took a vacation in an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. Where we stayed had several restaurants on the property and you could dine at any of them and order anything you wanted from the menus. None of the restaurants were buffet style – all of them were menu style.

I found myself freely ordering what I actually wanted to eat without regard to price. The portions were small, but very satisfying. I could order seconds if I wanted, but never did. I finished each meal feeling wonderful – I ate what I wanted and nothing more. I didn’t have this need to gorge myself in order to “get my money’s worth.” I didn’t order meals that I had eaten a thousand times simply because they were the cheapest thing on the menu.


It was a completely different way of experiencing something as simple as feeding myself.


This is a profound realization. What if this could be applied in other areas of my life?

So, back to the grocery store. I would make almost totally different decisions about what I purchased if I didn’t make money the FIRST and usually ONLY part of the decision making process. I would buy more quality items and less of them. I wouldn’t have a need to hoard. I would be more selective. And, I would be more giving and would share more with others. This would allow more expansion and keep the energy flowing. My heart would be open all of the time.

Money is man made. We think we have earned it and we think that it is the reason we have things or not. It is a major player in the 3rd dimensional reality that is fading away.

The TRUTH is that everything we have has been GIVEN to us by our creator.
We don’t EARN any of it and there is NO price to pay.

This is the reality of the 5th dimension that is calling each one of us.
I know you have been feeling it like I have been.


It’s time to start putting money at the bottom of our list of our priorities, for very soon it will not be an issue at all. Do small things every day to free yourself from its imaginary grip and to free yourself from the judgements that come in its wake. You will be glad you did, I promise.

Allow your heart to guide you more and to act on those nudges. You will find yourself happier and more at peace. And that is truly priceless.



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