Color Your Life with Love


Posted on: October 13, 2017

This morning while enjoying my daily ritual of sitting by the pool and drinking my vitamins, I watched the pool fountain as it danced in the gentle morning light. My gaze usually stays on the surface, focused on the object at hand. But this morning I looked below the surface and noticed the fountains’s reflection deep into the water and delighted that now there were two. “How nice that the fountain can see its beauty reflected beneath it,” I thought.

Spiritual teachings tell us that our life and all we experience is a reflection of ourselves; that everything we live is a mirror. I’ve been contemplating this idea for years now, knowing that I’ve been not completely understanding it. And I’ve always avoided mirrors. They make me feel uncomfortable. I’m not that girl in the women’s room fixing her hair and make-up. I don’t want to see the ugliness; it make me not feel good, so avoidance is the best policy. I feel embarrassed if someone sees me looking in the mirror, and I quickly look down and leave the room. And so it is when I experience situations that I don’t like, best to avoid than to feel the pain of seeing my own creation.

But looking at the fountain today, I saw the  beauty and the service of the reflection. I felt no judgement. Mirrors are not there to make you feel badly – they are simply there as a service so you can see yourself – because most of us are selfish and obsessed with ourselves (as we should be; it helps us stay out of other people’s business) and we want to see ourselves and know ourselves better. The trouble has been that I didn’t know I could change what I saw – or change the way I felt about what I saw.

A lot of things in our lives are easy to change – like seeing in the mirror that we have food in our teeth or our hair is sticking out. Thank you mirror for helping me see that so I can fix it and go about my day with confidence!

But what about those things that are not so easily changed? What about that big nose, wrinkles, age spots, extra pounds, etc?  What about those things that propel us into deep depression if we allow ourselves to look? Depression because we don’t think we can change them and we intensely dislike them.

Maybe we can change them, maybe we can’t. But we can change the way we think and feel about them. And I believe that when these two factors change, the physical expression or manifestation changes. And I can thank the mirror for bringing that to my attention.

So, can I now look into a mirror without fear or anxiety? It will take practice. The mirror just is. The mirror doesn’t care or judge. The mirror is just there in service to me. As a Child of God I have the power to do what I want from there. I don’t have to be angry at the mirror. I don’t have to blame the mirror. I can now truly thank the mirror for giving me awareness, so I can then make new choices. I love this haircut! I will go back to that stylist.I loved spending time with that person, I will do it again. I don’t like the way I look in those jeans, I will exercise, eat better, or buy a different style! I didn’t like that interaction with that person – I will change my behavior next time; share more, or share less.

I now realize the mirror is there to help empower me, not depress me – and that makes a world of difference!


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