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Are you perplexed by people’s actions? Do you frequently ask yourself, “Why would anyone do that?” Does it seem that you live on a different planet than everyone else?

UNRAVEL THE MYSTERY of your friends, family, and co-workers’ behaviors by learning about the 7 Color Divinities.

  • You will learn to JUDGE LESS and LOVE MORE
  • You will learn to see through people’s BEHAVIORS and understand their true MOTIVATIONS
  • You will learn strategies for interacting with others more effectively
  • You will learn how to get yourseslf and others out of their TRAPS and into their GIFTS
  • You will APPRECIATE YOURSELF more as you realize that you are truly gifted in an area that others are not
  • You will appreciate OTHERS more as you realize that they are truly gifted in areas that you are not
  • All of your RELATIONSHIPS will be IMPROVED as you learn to live and work together in harmony

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Identifying Your Color Divinity
Upon learning about the spiritual gifts, most people still have trouble identifying what their Color Divinity is. Heidi offers private sessions by phone to help you discover your divine mastery. This can usually be achieved in about 20 minutes. $25

Color Divinity Coaching
Heidi will help you unravel the mystery of your friends, family, and co-workers’ behaviors by explaining their motivations through their Color perspectives. These sessions are available in person or by phone.  $60 hr

Color Divinity Home or Office Party
Invite your friends or coworkers to meet Heidi in person at your home or office. Both fun and informative, people will learn what their Color Divinity is and will be forever changed in the way they see themselves and others. Fighting and arguments will be replaced with genuine thoughtfulness and understanding of each others’ motivations and good intentions. This is a great way to promote good will and better relationships with your family, friends, or co-workers! Email Heidi today to host a party at or call her at 512.750.0322


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