Color Your Life with Love


“Heidi, thank you for introducing me to the ‘colors.’ You have probably literally saved my marriage. My husband is a ‘Green’ which has baffled me beyond reason as to his motivating thoughts. I now understand his motivations and goals for thinking and doing and know how to approach his strengths. This information is very illuminating and on point. It will aid my of understanding all people.” ~ SR

“I love this teaching because it explains who I AM, not just what I DO.” ~ RN

“Heidi, thank you so much for this book…it’s really helped me come to terms with some weighty things I’d been carrying, and being able to find peace around them…I’m a Purple and the image speaks volumes to me…everything in the chapter fits me to a tea!” ~ PP

“As a therapist, understanding the colors has given me a tool for quickly being able to recognize what is important to someone and how they process their feelings and environment. If I can’t determine their gift, I have several copies of the book in my office to hand out to my clients so they can read it and tell me what they are. I am then able to help them work through their issues much, much quicker.” ~ CS

“I highly recommend this book to everyone!” ~ AA

“I came across this book because several friends recommended it and then I had the opportunity to hear the author in person. Heidi’s breadth and depth of knowledge, and passion for this subject is evident.

This book transformed my life and revolutionized my relationship with my husband. I now know and understand my gifts (and traps) and I feel very validated in being who I am. I see that while I can certainly see myself in every color, as a Violet I am motivated by service. So, Yes, I have been a leader (red), but what motivated me was Not the desire to lead, rather to serve. Yes, I love to teach (blue) but it is to serve my clients and empower them to have skills they can use on their own. And so forth, throughout each color.

When I discovered my husband was a green, I was able to completely shift my experience of him as always being critical and looking for the problems (which felt like buckets of cold water thrown on my enthusiasm and good ideas) to experiencing those very same behaviors as his loving way, using his gift, to make sure my actions were successful and had the intended result. So different, and much happier than the other way.

If you are like me, you may need to gently disregard some of the more overt Biblical references, angels, and the like, but it is well worth it to gain the very practical knowledge. And, the book is easy reading with many examples and stories that illustrate each color.” ~ SR

“This book has you understand why you act the way you do in any situation,and why others act different in the same situation. Knowing and understanding this makes your life a lot more meaningful and enjoyable. Heidi’s book will leave you Hopeful, Optimistic, Compelling and Inspirational.” ~ CG

“Can you see what I see? I have wondered that so often. At home anything that is chipped or crooked calls out to me until I repair or remove it. At work any gaps or errors are like black holes demanding immediate correction. People often respond to my concerns with “why are you so intense? It’s no big deal.” Learning that my spiritual gift is Green has explained so much. Whatever is broken, missing, etc. is a big deal to me: my personal operating system wants to fix everything now!

Heidi’s book offers a unique viewpoint for understanding yourself and the people in your life better. The holidays can be a challenge…this book can help you see your family and friends with new appreciation!” ~ GG



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